Sliding Door Repair

Putting a sliding door, which communicates to the inside or outside of your home, is a practical and aesthetic arrangement. For the installation of a sliding door in Dubai, you can select a wall-mounted or wall-mounted device. Sliding doors are sold in one or more partitions to modulate your home as you wish. An interior door can be decorative to set an ambience for your interior. Whatever type of door you want (front door, PVC window …), it is essential to put his pose to a qualified pro in Dubai.
A professional specialized in the installation and the replacement of sliding door will be able to make you profit from its control. The pro will give you advice and will be able to answer your questions. To find PVC craftsmen near you use our quotation service, you just need to fill out a quote request.
Our network of experts in PVC sliding door repair is established throughout Dubai which gives us the opportunity to put you in touch with best carpenters. Once the quotes are obtained, you will get in-touch with an expert. You can submit a sliding door request form with our form.

Your sliding door quotes can be made according to the following services:

  • Installation quote, PVC window door replacement
  • PVC window door repair quote
  • Quote installation, replacement entrance door
  • Installation quotation, interior door replacement

Company Repair sliding doors specialized in installing, replacing and repairing all types of sliding doors. Our company takes care of all your door and sliding window work and whatever the sliding frame type, you are guaranteed a fast and accurate repair. A society for all repair of sliding door, which specializes in installing and maintaining sliding frame PVC, aluminum and wood.
A specialist in sliding frames, PVC, aluminum and wood we are a trustworthy repairer for all your problems of sliding doors and windows. For a quick intervention a repair technician is available for troubleshooting all types of sliding frames in Dubai.
We are expert in replacement, maintenance, renovation of hardware, roulette, trolleys, closing mechanisms, seals.
Why door repair or sliding window?
Cheaper to restore than to replace. To extend the life of your Doors or Windows chassis . The chassis is in good condition but the hardware is not. Sliding chassis warranty 10 years and free estimate
Repair and troubleshooting sliding door!

  • It is possible to replace the entire mechanism of an ALU sliding door, carts, compasses, cremones, closing mechanism and opening.
  • The characteristics of the sliding door are retained.
  • Namely, air-tightness, water
  • In some cases it is possible to replace the seals.
  • We have all the pieces of stock.
  • It is possible to repair the blows in the PVC after a break-in or otherwise.
  • It is possible to repair the original mechanism of the door.
  • All our repairs are guaranteed for 10 years

Maintenance of an aluminum sliding door consists of dismantling all the hardware of the aluminum sliding door, the hardware is cleaned and greased then reassembled on the door. The opening is replaced in its bay and adjusted to the millimeter for a perfect opening and closing. This operation must be done every 3 years.
Attention the 10-year guarantee of your aluminum sliding doors does not cover the hardware, hence the need to be preventive to prolong the life of these before the replacement, which remains an expensive operation.
We offer a 10-year warranty on all our repairs to certain conditions the mechanism that we have replaced answer that the one that has not been carefully still must be cleaned and greased annually the sliding door must be used as a family father this condition repair is guaranteed 10 years parts and maindoeuvre.

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