Glass Door Handle Repair

Are your Handle blocked?

It can happen that a door handle gets blocked due to a faulty installation or improper use. In this case, it is no longer possible to open (or close) the door and it is then advisable to quickly contact a locksmith in Dubai. We can unlock the door by changing the hardware, the closing squares or by using a release agent.

If you want to replace the keyed lever handle, repair the doorknob because it has come off, or want to fix the door closer that is bad and the door closes suddenly, use our doorknob /door lever replacement / repair service. Our key-specialized staff will respond immediately with the shortest possible same day response. For offices and detached toilets, entrance doors, doorknobs and door levers at your own door.

If you have any problems with the doorknob or door lever being loose, slipping out, or coming off, please leave it to us. Key staff will repair the broken glass door handle. If the lever handle is broken or you want to replace the doorknob with a lock or a cylindrical lock with a key without a key, we will propose the optimal doorknob and door lever.

Replacement of Glass Door Handle

The role of the door closer is to use the oil pressure of the oil used in the closer to open and close smoothly and to adjust the closing speed of the door. If the oil inside the unit runs out, the unit will not start normally. If it is difficult to open or close the door or think that the door is not operating properly, consult us.

The handles of your apartment, your house or your premises, wear out quickly as they are used, especially when the passage is frequent. Weather or the sun can also cause the room to deteriorate and must be changed. Our locksmith professionals can also replace your handle if the appearance no longer suits you or if you want to install a model more suited to your use.

Our door handles in Dubai

We offer a wide range for the installation of handles to meet all types of needs and budget. You have a wide choice for materials (steel, brass, metal, copper ...).

Many special models are also available, such as:

  • High security handles with magnetic badge
  • Ergonomic handle for good grip
  • Handful of colors, according to your tastes and your decoration
  • Bastille handle used for apartment doors
  • Simplified actuation handle

If you are considering repairing or replacing the doorknob in the doorway, or both the lock and the throne (doorknob) are old and then we have to replace both. First of all, we changed the locks that served as the foundation. Since the size of the door mounting holes did not match, we drilled and drilled holes. Once the lock is installed, there are several types of Taurus, so we consulted with the customer and completed the work of installing the wave cylinder with high security

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