Bar Shop Making Repair

Our bar shop making expert understand the style and layout of a bar shop, such as materials used in the production, and communicate with each other to choose the most appropriate shop design plan. Our expert supervises and tracks the entire process and you can check the progress and processes and materials at any time.

Moreover we make timely
telephone return visits to customers, investigate satisfaction, and we will try
our best to improve customer satisfaction. We offer a range of services to
ensure ongoing performance and to assist you with your quality assurance and
operational requirements.

Our expert knows how to
make an attractive bar kitchen. The kitchen of the bar should be arranged in a
uniform room, that is, cutting, cooking, washing, and snack preparation are all
arranged in a uniform room, so that it has the characteristics of compact
space, convenient connection and good natural ventilation. Since most of the
bars provide easy-to-eat, easy-to-make snacks, fast food or other foods, the
kitchen area can be smaller and the equipment and facilities are relatively

The basic facilities
and equipment should include:

1. Ventilation fans. If
possible, two ventilating fans will be installed, one lower intake fan and the
other higher exhaust fan. The exhaust fan must be stronger than the intake fan,
and it must have a scrubber filter.

2. Stoves and ovens,
fryers, rice cookers, heating and warming catering tables, etc.

3. Refrigerator, low temperature refrigerator, etc. 4. Washing and disinfection facilities and equipment. We serve the entire
Dubai, for free appointment, on-site service, first test, and then quote.

of our services:

  • Professional maintenance master,
    experienced staff, strict technical assessment, reasonable and transparent
  • The master promises: guarantee customer
    satisfaction, complete the service on time, the service price is reasonable,
    and do not increase the price halfway!
  • Careful, sincere, professional and
  • Service guarantee: The customer service
    team of the maintenance service process monitors and tracks the entire process
    and strictly controls the service quality of the master!

service levels are offered depending on the product type:

Repair - A
comprehensive assessment is carried out and only the broken part is replaced.

Refurbishment -
Defective parts are replaced and a general overhaul is performed to ensure the
unit meets the latest standard.

Repair by Exchange
(RBE) - As soon as a faulty device arrives at our shop, a replacement device
will be sent.

Pre-delivery 'repair by
exchange' - A replacement device is sent to the customer before the faulty
device is received.

Loan Device - A temporary
loan of a device while the defective product is being repaired or reprocessed.
However, this service cannot be offered for all products.

Our units are state of
the art.

We have inventory and
thus offer our customers a quick and efficient exchange to minimize downtimes.
In many areas we offer 'next day delivery'.

To find out what
options are available, please fill out the form with your requirements or
contact us!

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