Aluminum Sliding Door Repair

Need a specialist in repair and maintenance of sliding frames, doors and windows?

Our company of sliding renovation is at your service 7/7 and 24h / 24 for all your problems to frame doors and windows.

Why repair my sliding door or window?

Cheaper to restore than to replace. To extend the life of your Doors or Windows frames. The chassis is in good condition but the hardware is not.

One of the biggest problems that usually occur is in the area of the closures, which due to the blows or the lack of proper maintenance, greasing periodically, will not close properly and therefore, the aluminum doors and windows do not go to fulfill the function that is expected of them and they will not close well, sometimes it is simply to adjust in height the closure that has been lifted, although it is usually necessary to replace it, so it is necessary to call an expert in aluminum carpentry so that they can repair them, because not only will it affect the temperature of the house but it is putting everyone's safety at risk.

We work for individuals but also for professionals.

Sliding Frame Repair

We are specialized and guarantee impeccable work, both for repairs and maintenance of window and door frames. Our primary values are commitment, know-how and we aim for your satisfaction. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us for any questions and for a free quote. All our repairs are guaranteed for 10 years.

Emergency Troubleshooting

For all problems with doors or windows, sliding frames, for an emergency renovation or repair in Dubai and its surroundings

We are well-known for Repair of all types of sliding doors.

We have a solution to your sliding door problem in PVC. Professional services for all types of sliding doors under repair. Our professional craftsman takes care of all types of work related to the sliding door, but also for a sliding door replacement. Company Repair sliding doors specialized in installing, replacing and repairing all types of sliding doors.

Furthermore, our company takes care of all your sliding door and window work in Dubai and whatever the sliding frame type, you are guaranteed a quick and careful repair. A society for all repair of sliding door, which specializes in installing and maintaining sliding PVC frame, aluminum and wood.

Sliding frame repair guaranteed 10 years and free estimate

  • Renovation, repair, restoration
  • Door and window frames
  • Sliding
  • Sliding in PVC
  • Sliding wood
  • Sliding Aluminum

Our Craftsman specialized in sliding frame repair, and before working on your sliding chassis, a free estimate will be given to you on which all the details of supplies and parts, as well as the workforce will be detailed. Moreover, our services also include:

  • Sliding door or window frame
  • Repair, restoration, renovation
  • Hardware, roulette, carts
  • Closing mechanisms
  • Replacement seals

We perform maintenance of all the elements that, due to wear or improper use, present problems and cause the enclosure to be non-hermetic and allow cold or water to pass through. Our installers provide professional maintenance so that your window or door is again in perfect condition and perfectly fulfills its function.

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