Aluminum Door Repair

Our repairing service is at your disposal for all maintenance and repair needs on installed products: doors, windows, shutters, gates, verandas, glazing, mirrors, etc. This service is provided by a team of reactive and qualified technicians, who intervene as quickly as possible on your installations. Our specialists in window and door repair with years of in repair and installation are available in Dubai.
We offer a wide range of repair door manufactured, different styles and materials. Whether aluminum door, PVC door, wooden doors, or mixed door (wood-aluminum), we repair all materials to meet your needs. For the installation of doors in renovation, double glazing or in new, our convenience stores adapt perfectly.
To put your carpentry, call the professionals. For many years, our technicians specialize in the manufacture and installation of custom-made shutters. Our know-how and expertise in the field of carpentry allow us today to intervene for the repair service of shutters, windows and garage doors any brand.
Is your residential, commercial or industrial garage door in need of tuning, maintenance or repair? We have specialized in this field for many years. We can permanently repair any problem with your garage door opening system, or prevent potential problems by keeping your system up and running.
We offer a 24-hour emergency repair service. We have four service trucks at your disposal to answer your emergency calls. We are equipped with a hydraulic platform for all types of installation or repair work. Moreover, we serve the entire area of Dubai.

Our certified technicians will be able to:

  • Make sure your door is properly balanced so that it works properly at all times
  • Ensure that the garage door opener is tight
  • Make sure there is no friction in the mechanism
  • Check that your door is opened and closed without problems

Above all, do not try to repair your garage door if you are not familiar with opening systems. This could be dangerous since this system is under high voltage and could cause serious injury if handled without experience. Our experts will make the necessary adjustments and repairs using the appropriate replacement parts.
On the prevention side, we suggest taking action before a problem arises, that is, by making adjustments and interviews on an annual basis. This will save you expensive repairs afterwards. To do so, we offer:

  • Our development program for all types and brands of residential garage doors
  • Our preventive maintenance program for all types and brands of commercial, industrial or farmhouse doors

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